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Vicarius developed a pioneering platform protecting any software without patching, code changes, or vendor involvement, directly on the client's private network.


Skopos Labs is a technology company that has built an A.I.-powered research platform that turns unstructured data into accurate predictions of risk and opportunity.

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LandWright is creating the first SEC and FINRA approved commercial real estate stock exchange to provide access and liquidity to the largest asset class in the world in a highly regulated environment.


The Mineful Payments Framework easily integrates into any desktop application, enabling users to pay for services and products by converting their computing power into fiat.


Floating Point Group is a crypto algorithmic high frequency order execution provider for institutions looking to execute block trading awhile avoiding price slippage. 


Mochimo is a new blockchain based transaction network that addressed the threat posed by quantum computers. Mochimo developed a network that is quantum secure while maintaining speed and scalability.